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Bassett began her film career in the mid-1980s, after earning a bachelor of arts degree from Yale University and a master of fine arts degree from drama school.

In the 1990s, she appeared in films nearly every year.

Bassets love to be taken on walks, but they always should be kept on a lead.

When not leashed, a Basset might decide to follow his nose and leave you without a thought, only realizing what he's done when he's miles away and unable to return home.

This blend of characteristics can make them frustrating to live with, but it also means that they're a fascinating challenge to a dog trainer.

Even if you have just given her an ice cream cone and want to sit and talk awhile, she goes right past you to the cooler air inside.Posted Breed: Basset Hound / Corgi / Mixed (short coat).p.p1 span.s1 span.s2 Ladybug is a easy going, happy-to-be-here kind of gal who has her favorite things to do. She runs with her long, silky ears flying and floppy, front feet cruising along to meet her walker.Creature comforts are the name of the game for this senior sweetie.And those soulful eyes and long droopy ears work wonders for getting what she wants!