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Age: 19-35Occupation: Business Professional Hobbies: Going on sports trips to Toronto with the boys, working out at the local Goodlife Fitness and watching NFL Sunday.

Nevertheless, or indeed therefore, the Huguenots developed their very own musical culture. Psalm music of the Huguenots for three to eight voices: Psalms by Claude Goudimel (c. The “Victors’ Response” (with the celebration of a mass! In een tijd waarin de wereld gefascineerd werd door het meten en in kaart brengen van het heelal (zie cover) schreef Monteverdi een meesterwerk in retro-renaissance stijl, de zesstemmige "Missa in illo tempore".The Ear of the Huguenots: Music from the Time of the “St.Bartholomew’s Day Massacre” 2017 the Huelgas Ensemble focusses on the great topic of the Reformation, in its anniversary year.Image via Instagram Age: 19-25Occupation: University Student.Hobbies: Spending money on booze, skipping class to go to activities involving booze… Looking for: Sloppy dance floor makeouts and late night Mcdonalds runs.