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They are cautious by nature and like to consider a situation long and deep before committing themselves.So, while dating a Capricorn, you are likely to find them taking their time in warming up to you.This natural reserve on the part of a Capricorn may seem disconcerting at first but is only their way of judging a person and situation since it is important for them to know where they stand and how to make their way to the goal.

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A Libra could help the Capricorn to rest and take it easy, as Capricorns often overload themselves with responsibility, while a Capricorn’s natural tendency toward success could help the Libra achieve some of their high-minded goals.

The Capricorn may end up doing an end run around the Libra so that things continue to get done their way while letting the Libra play with the unimportant bits.

This can end up with the Capricorn disrespecting the Libra and viewing them as a child, while the Libra views the Capricorn as a stick in the mud who thinks they’re stupid.

Hence love compatibility, partner or marriage would not be given that much priority in life.

The single ones are best advised to stay so for the year, as pressure build-up would be substantial resulting in incompatible relationship with partner.