Belkin f5d8053 trouble updating drivers

So, open a second windows explorer window and put it side by side where you see the inside of the Belkin folder (or whatever name you gave your custom folder) and one directory higher where see the folder named Belkin (or whatever you named yours).

Start the installer again and point it to your custom folder.

If you're desperate on making it work I'd suggest getting an adapter from this list.

Unfortunately an integrated Wi-Fi card on my laptop is performing by a factor of 30 better then the Belking USB adapter.

My Broadband connection is 10Mbit, and the download speed is @ 0.3 Mbit, which is ridiculous.

Wondering if that is a problem with Linux or with an adapter.

Just as disclaimer I'm coming from a macbook trying to relearn windows.

I downloaded the Belkin startup driver from their website here:

When I try to select the folder myself on where I want it to point to the 'belkin' folder keeps opening into subfolders with no actual file to point to. XP (the one without SP1, 2 or 3) doesn't seen to be friendly to such adapters.

It tries to search never finding anything either on the PC where I copied the downloaded file or on the flash drive. You may find it far too hard to update XP to the latest as it will require an internet connection. Bob I didn't think about the issue being with the Belkin.

I just bought Windows 8 (version that was released for sale) and I can't get this to work. I believe one of the posts on this thread gives the URL of the Belkin drivers page for this device.

I read the comments below too and I don't see the Win7x67 file below... This blog won't let me post a link until I have 10 replies...grrrr. Here is where it gets tricky, since this installer is pre-Windows 8, it has a "cleanup" feature that removes the drivers you want leaving you only with the Win2K/XP drivers!