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Note that the :limit option is only applicable to one-to-many associations.Allows you to specify that an existing record may only be updated.Please note that this method also turns off validations, so before you perform it, you have to check if the email (and other attributes) is correct.Update action for def update @user = User.find(params[:id]) if @user.update_attributes(params[:user]) @user.update_column(:email, params[:user][:email]) flash[:notice] = "User was successfully updated." redirect_to edit_admin_user_path(@user) else render :edit end enddef update @user = User.find(params[:id]) @user.skip_reconfirmation!The response to his dilemma was pretty outstanding.Here's what our team had to say: There are more caveats.Since he's editing multiple records, the operation is on the products collection, or at least a subset thereof. Putting an edit form on an index page (as he does in the video) kind of makes Rails work like a javascript single page app.It also means the url helper (discontinue_products_path) will have the plural form which seems appropriate. It seems to load and present the updates much faster, in addition to not having to redirect to a different page Great episode, again :) Oh by the way, is it my imagination or is there absolutely no flashing when you click "discontinue checked" in solution 1?

This is because it is not an Eloquent call, it is just a convenient way to generate the query hidden behind the model.If the size of the nested attributes array exceeds the specified limit, Nested Attributes:: Too Many Records exception is raised.If omitted, any number associations can be processed.In my experience using Rails to build web apps, I’ve come to realize that the framework has a very powerful flow of convention and patterns that you swim against at your own peril.One good example of this that I’ve been using recently is the accepts_nested_attributes_for helper in Rails.

Rails updateattributes not updating