Updating 1950 paneling

My girlfriend Debbie and I go thrifting at least once a week if not more and have several different “runs” that take us east-west-north and south of our home.

Its something we both enjoy, but I will admit that out of the two of us she has a quicker eye than I do. She heads for the clothes and I head for glassware-furniture.

At one particular thrift store though, she is the lead on furniture (lack of quality vintage clothing is my guess).

She found a great mid century modern wall unit there and was the first of us to see the beauty in the two dressers.

We’ve actually rebuilt part of a leg on a buffet with it! Fill in any other holes, gashes, or gouges on the piece so that the piece is nice and smooth when you paint.

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With just a little effort, Jeff and Debbie were able to see past the furniture’s worn facade to envision a whole new set of well built, retro furniture for themselves.

After living here for three years and not doing anything to the room except removing a few cabinet doors, I was ready to put my own personal stamp on this kitchen!

Y’all know I’m a kitchen lover and it was painful for me to leave my last one behind.

While my newer builder’s kitchen was still in decent shape and certainly not the worst kitchen ever, I was excited about the challenge of creating a better layout for our needs and a bigger dose of charm and personality — on a reasonable person’s budget.

You’ve seen the progress of this kitchen remodel almost every step of the way, and now it’s time for the final shots and full room reveal! Today I’ll show you the after pics, and then I have a separate follow up post to give you all the kitchen sources and other details you might want to know, since this is going to be long enough already!