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Just trust the Lord Jesus to bring you through all ordeals. I wish that he get more project in the future so people can recognize how deep and amazing actor he is. His acting is no bad, hope he turn good and conscience. pls make more dramas & movies with Ju ji hoon as main actor! (lee min ho is nothing comparing to him) I was a little surprised that he was caught using drugs, but well we all do mistakes, and he's just one of unlucky people who were caught. Please do not take illegal drugs again because I feel so awful when something happens to you. A truly underrated actor and a very talented handsome man. I feel his styles was straggly and sluggish, no wonder he was an ex-addict. I like his roles in Mask, Medical Top Team and Good Friends movie. The picture of a happy family was really impressionable. One of the best looking male actors in Korea and also the best kisser. Ju JI Hoon is one of the most handsome and talented Korean actors.

he deserve to be in the top of the A-list actors to be honest. I believe that there are tons of korean celebrities who does drugs, they just weren't caught yet. God had given you a beautiful face with sharp features and a wonderful height, use them effectively; smile more because when you smile, you really really look very good. I love your No.1 Drama Series "Goong" which is titled "Princess hours in the Philippines.

They questioned Gain over her post and her boyfriend's friend.

Now the police announced that Park has been cleared of any suspicion about drugs, the Korea Herald reported.

They were also caught up in a sex photo scandal in April 2016.

UPDATE (7th July, pm): Joo Ji Hoon’s labels, Key East, have confirmed that the couple has broken up after 3 years of dating!