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The new feature, referred to as On-Demand Dating, promises a date in two tabs.Users pick a time and location for a date and Clover finds them a partner.For this year, I want to stay focused on “what’s best for me” and no longer I will allow other people to distract me from my Big Plan. Since I’ve embraced the s way of living, I’ve tried to beat my shyness and scepticism towards online & offline dating in favour of a fast recovery and possibly, a new, fulfilling temporary romance.

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[ I struggled to confirm a decision I had made over a month ago because I let other people influence my gut feelings and my desires. If you wish to, you can read about my recovery in Fiji, [here]( (but top up that glass of wine and grab a couple of tissues…)So, as I was saying, I’m kinda new to **dates, flirting** and **playing with romance** but it seems that the last 5 years – while I was emotionally busy – have been everything, but boring on the dating scenario.

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It’s an experience best served with cheap champagne.

Clover CEO Isaac Riachyk promises, “You’ll be able to find a date as easy as it is to order a pizza or a cab,” which sounds great!