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I thought it was fantastic, and was really envious.I began to take more notice of racing bikes (we didn't call them "road bikes" in those days), with their spindly frames, oversize flanged hubs, centre-pull brakes, wing nuts, and of course the derailleurs they sported.I am interested in the year of manufacture, and approximate current value of a bicycle frame and fork that I rescued (? According to com, “ Legnano is one of the oldest and best known cycling brands in the world.

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Louison Bobet won his three Tours de France on Huret derailleurs. Note it has a single pulley and the top body pivot is not sprung.Whether it was because of the extreme lightness of the rims or because of my amateur wheel-building skills (probably both), the wheels seemed to need constant truing.I eventually un-laced and re-built them with the same hubs and a more robust pair of rims (my wheel-building skills having improved greatly), and I still use them today, almost 30 years later. The Campagnolo Record hubs are iconic kit -- without a doubt, the best hubs one could buy in their day, and one could argue, among the best of any time. First introduced in 1958, the Record hubs were made with only minor changes up until about 1985 or '86.The great Legnano cycling tradition was formed on the routes of the most famous competitions, entrusted to names like Binda, Girardengo, Coppi and Bartali.” Bianchi Legnano History Page of this old bike company was marred by scandal and murder, “ Beginning in the early part of the Twentieth century, Legnano bicycles eventually became owned by Emilio Bozzi, who also owned the Frejus & Wolsit labels. Bozzi was assasinated by the radical Italian Red Guard party and the Bozzi thereafter family withdrew from business altogether.“ Classic Rendezvous Legnano Bike Information the 1980s Bianchi bought the company but Legnano still maintains its brand and identity.